New Business Strategy Management Vinod K. Pandita June 5, 2022

New Business Strategy Management


A New strategic business unit is a semi-autonomous corporate unit that focuses on a specific product offering and market segment. An SBU is a semi-autonomous unit that is usually responsible for its own budgeting, new product decisions, hiring decisions, and price setting. An SBU may be a business unit within a larger corporation or it may be a business unto itself. Corporations may be composed of multiple SBUs, each of which is responsible for its own profitability.

What We Do

Consulting our client to set up a separately managed division or a unit of a larger  enterprise with strategic  objectives that is both distinct from the parent unit and integral to the  overall  performance of the enterprise. This includes developing bankable detailed project reports (DPRs), strategic business plans and vision document for promoters to follow their dream of establishing a new enterprise.

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